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Huloul (Arabic for “solutions”) is a social enterprise that combines the power of data, design, and journalism to create evidence-based and visual content in Arabic and English on the most pressing economic and social challenges in the Arab world.

Our digital platform, Bayanat Box, narrates how these challenges affect people’s lives, how they are being addressed, and what new ideas exist locally and around the world to solve them.

Why We Do It

We want to live in an Arab world where debate on critical economic and social issues is common, data-driven, and inclusive.

The Arab world we envision is a world where all citizens, especially the youth, are informed, engaged, and empowered to contribute to national policy debates.

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Take a peek!

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The Team

Our Early Supporters

Starting up Huloul required a great deal of work and dedication from many good Samaritans and early supporters, whose invaluable contribution was and remains critical to Huloul’s success. Special thanks to Ziad Al Kadi, Hamad Almalki, Lama Andari, Carmelle Bader, Assile Beydoun, Yasmine El Baba, Nour Dandache, Johnny El Hage, Bilal El Houri, Rana El Kadi, Mazen El Khatib, Rima Ezzedine, Fadi Fatayri, Habib Haddad, Ali Halawi, Normen Halawi, Safa Halawi, Rami Hanna, Nour Hazim, Nader Kabbani, Noura Kamel, Maher Massalkhi, Ali Nehme, Hiba Salem, Hadi Shaheen, Razan Sharara.

Seed funding for the pilot phase of Huloul is generously provided by:

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